Small Celebration

I just had a really big sale on AJ, and so am pausing to celebrate and pat myself on the back.

What people actually buy on Audio Jungle (aside from the music files themselves) is a license to use the music for commercial projects. So the songs are more expensive that they would be on a site like iTunes or Amazon MP3. A standard license for my "Bottle Jam" song costs $17. Not too shabby.

An extended license for that song lets people use it in larger commercial project that can then be resold to other end users. Like the kind of project someone does for a larger advertising campaign. THAT costs $85, and is a much bigger deal. I just sold one of those.

I'd love to be cool enough to brush it off and say "Oh, yeah...I sell those extended licenses all the time. No biggie." The truth is that extended licenses are still pleasant surprises to me.

The extra cash is nice of course, but the nice thing is to know that someone thinks highly enough of something I've written & recorded that it's worth dropping that kind of cash on. I wouldn't mind getting to the point where it isn't a big deal. For now, it's still cause for a mini-celebration.

This one isn't posted to Soundcloud, so if you would like to hear it, you can use this link...