Warm Fuzzies

"Warm Fuzzies" were these little necklaces we made at camp when I was a kid. They were little balls of yarn, and the idea was to give someone a hug, then pull a single strand of yarn out of your ball and tie it to your partner's necklace. Just a little physical metaphor for a nice feeling.

I wrote this little one to try to capture a little of the "warm fuzzy" feelings of my childhood. I just happened to limit those feelings to one minute because that happily coincides with the amount of time that radio spots in need of audio run. What a coincidence.

This is the number one submission for this week, and it's actually bigger than it looks. I included both the straight-through version you hear below, and a looped version to give people flexibility for projects longer than 60 seconds.

Last week I submitted all of the songs for the week in one massed lump. Probably not the best way to do things. This week I'll submit them as I finish them. When I do that, my icon shows up on the main page of Audio Jungle spread out a bit longer. I may get a few more listens by submitting one a day, rather than a clump all at once. Not sure how much difference it makes in the end.